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User Training Conference 2020 - Schedule

Sunday, March 29th

Start End Location Description
03:30PM 05:30PM Violin/Ukelele Check-In
06:00PM 07:30PM Dulcimer/Banjo Dinner and Welcome by Mike Perkins

Monday, March 30th

Start End Location Description
07:30AM 08:00AM Dulcimer/Banjo Breakfast at hotel
08:00AM 08:30AM Violin/Ukelele Kick Off with Joel, Thomas, and Theo
08:30AM 09:30AM Violin/Ukelele Product Updates with Thomas and Theo
09:30AM 10:00AM Violin/Ukelele IT as a Service
10:00AM 10:15AM Break
10:15AM 11:00AM Violin/Ukelele Datashare
11:00AM 12:00PM Violin/Ukelele The Leadership of Right Now with Chief Luke Thompson
12:00PM 01:15PM Dulcimer/Banjo Lunch (provided)
01:30PM 03:30PM Cello C/D Fire Reporting Training
01:30PM 03:30PM Violin/Ukelele Law RMS Training

Tuesday, March 31st

Start End Location Description
07:30AM 08:30AM Dulcimer/Banjo Breakfast at hotel
08:30AM 09:00AM Violin/Ukelele Troubleshooting 101
09:00AM 10:00AM Violin/Ukelele Cyberscience Training
10:00AM 10:15AM Break
10:30AM 12:00PM Violin/Ukelele System Admin Training
12:00PM 01:15PM Dulcimer/Banjo Lunch (provided)
01:30PM 02:30PM Violin/Ukelele CAD Training
01:30PM 03:30PM Cello A/B Court Reporting Training
01:30PM 03:30PM Cello C/D Jail Reporting Training