Law Enforcement RMS

Law enforcement professionals know that in order to put bad guys behind have to catch them first. At ADSi, we'd like to help.


ADSi is pleased to introduce DataForce for Law Enforcement - our state-of-the-art Records Management System.


ADSi DataForce Web software can actually save you money on hardware too. Any machine capable of hosting a web server can likely be designated as your records system. Likewise, any computer capable of running a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) on your network can be designated as a DataForce Web Client. Oh yeah... no more updating individual clients - update the server, and clients are updated automatically!


We have a system for all of your Law Enforcement needs. Check them out below!

Address Management Address Management

Batch Reporting Batch Reporting

Master Person Index Master Person Index

Master Vehicle Index Master Vehicle Index

Accident Reporting Accident Reporting

Animal Control Animal Control

Arrest Reporting Arrest Reporting

Case Management Case Management

Daily Reporting Daily Reporting

Field Interview Field Interview

Incident Reporting Incident Reporting

Inventory Management Inventory Management

K-9 Management K-9 Management

Property and Evidence Property and Evidence

Sex Offender Registry Sex Offender Registry

Testing System Testing System

Traffic Citations Traffic Citations

Warrants Warrants