Mapping and AVL

The MAPFORCE product offered by ADSi is designed for use with CADForce, AVL MDTForce, and DataForce. It provides the public safety dispatcher and officer in the field a more detailed visual tool for dispatching and controlling personnel, unit locations, street and area details, cell phone caller locations and detailed pre-arrival personnel placement.


MAPFORCE is designed to work with the other ADSi products. For example, the location of the vehicles that are with GPS is displayed in MAPFORCE via real-time interfaces with CADForce and AVL.


The location of the CADForce incidents is displayed in MAPFORCE along with the location of the vehicles. The colors of the icons for the vehicles and incidents correspond with the CADForce status codes for the incident. This integration ensures a consistent user presentation from the laptop in the vehicle, the dispatcher using CAD, and the map.