EMS Reporting

ADSi proudly announces that we have recently completed the 11-step testing process and achieved National EMS Information Systems (NEMSIS) Gold compliance certification. The NEMSIS project was developed to help states collect more standardized elements and eventually submit the data to a national EMS database. Our new EMS Gold compliant package can be utilized by any state agency, as all 400+ data elements from the NHTSA version 2.2.1 dataset, are available for use and reporting.


In addition to being compliant, the DataforceWeb Fire & EMS product ensures a streamlined process committed to reduce redundancy between NFIRS 5.0 and NEMSIS reporting requirements. Integration of CAD incident information and the transfer of NFIRS 5.0 Firefighter casualties, Civilian casualties and EMS records into the NEMSIS EMS Reporting application set the stage on satisfying both entities for the same incident. Features such as site specific code links between NFIRS standard procedures to NEMSIS procedures, and the ability to set NEMSIS default values for patient refusals, allow for customized record transfers - sometimes even making additional patient care data unnecessary.

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