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  • Monday, July 18th

  • ADSi Employee, Tommy Alderman, Shares his thoughts on Baton Rouge Shooting of Six LEO's
  • Tommy Alderman, who has been with ADSi since 2005, was a police officer in the City of Baker, Louisiana for 15 years.  Current Sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish, Sid Gautreaux, was the Chief of Police in Baker during Tommy's career there.  Tommy posted on his thoughts on his Facebook profile yesterday concerning the Baton Rouge shooting of six law enforcement officers.

    Below is the text of his post:

    "Know this: East Baton-Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux is a good man. He has dedicated his life to public service, and he has served with honor from day 1. He is like a brother to me, and I love him dearly.

    Baton Rouge Chief of Police Carl Dabadie is also a friend of mine. He, likewise, has had a life of honorable public service. When Carl was still riding a police motorcycle, he and former Chief Jeff Leduff would come to Baker on their own time and spend hours training those of us at the Baker PD who wanted the best training available.

    Watching these two men, whom I know so well, during their conference today broke my heart. They have the weight of mountains on their shoulders, and it showed on their faces and in their voices.

    They know the cold hard truth that there is no quick fix for the mess in which we find ourselves. They know that they are faced with a future where, short of a move of God, such tragedies as happened today are likely to become more common. They know that they, and the men and women they represent, are called to respond.

    They are made of stiffer stuff than most because when the 911 call comes, they will go. They will go with the knowledge that an ambush may await them, but they will go. They will go with the fear that many in the community no longer trust them and have become less likely to render aid, but they will go. They will go because it's who they are. They are called to go, and go they will.

    May God go with them.

    I'm honored to call such men 'friend.'"


  • Monday, August 17th

  • ADSi Public Safety Software Partners with Byram PD for Major Technology Upgrade
  • The Byram, Mississippi Police Department chooses ADSi Public Safety Software for upgrades to CAD, RMS, and Court Management Software.



    ADSi is thrilled with the good news that the Byram Police Department has committed to ADSi. Chief Luke Thompson and his staff started looking for solutions by first finding out what other agencies in the area are using when they happened on Chief Mike Warren from Clinton Police. He let them know that there was one in-state vendor who has been developing software since 1981 and that they were under the same ownership, same management, since their inception, and that they were not interested in growth by buy-out or selling out to an investment firm.

    “We researched ADSi and found that ADSi took customers on based on their direction and forward-thinking, progressive policing policy,” Chief Thompson said.

    Chief Thompson continued, “Over the years we found that the software that we are using was not integrated to the level we wanted. We needed a single unified platform where we could share information with other communities. It is imperative that we offer as much safety to our responders as possible and with Hinds County and Clinton Police both already using the software it made sense. ADSi offered us a monthly subscription so there was no lump sum offering.”

    The ADSi software will encompass Police CAD, complete RMS and court management software. It will handle reminder letters/alerts to the officers when they are scheduled to appear in court and tracking moneys’ collected during the day.

    ADSi has been developing needs-based software based on customers’ specific daily demands since 1981. Starting with CADForce4G and offering an entire suite of software for Police, Fire, Sheriffs, etc. ADSi offers mobile applications and mapping solutions for the law enforcement mobile work force.

    Byram Police ( is headed up by Chief Luke Thompson, who has been at the helm since 2010. Prior to this appointment Luke was with the City of Gulfport, Mississippi for six years and the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office for four years. He is assisted by Commander Ford Hayman and Commander David Errington.

    Contact Mike Perkins at ADSi, (662) 393-2046 or, for more information.

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  • Thursday, June 4th

  • Change to After Hours Support
  • ADSi is changing its After Hours Support Answering Service. The 800 number we have been using is property of the old answering service so we had to get a new number. The new number is:


    (844) 455-6481

    Nothing else about our After Hours Support will change. This new number is the one to use starting now. The old number will no longer work after July 31, 2015.


    Our full After Hours Support guidelines are available for download below this article.


    Please see our After Hours Support Page for more details.


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  • Wednesday, March 18th

  • Warren County Press Release
  • Warren County 911 Goes Live with ADSi CADForce 4G


    The Warren County 911 Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi is answering calls for service more
    efficiently than ever with the recent implantation of their new CAD system from ADSi Public
    Safety Software.


    Vicksburg, Mississippi (PRWEB) February 15, 2015 -- ADSi ( is proud to announce that Warren County 911 has gone live with the ADSi CADForce 4G Computer Assisted Dispatching software.  Warren County 911, located in Vicksburg, Mississippi is a very busy center west of Jackson located on I-20.  They handle calls for service for the Vicksburg Police, Vicksburg Fire, Warren County Sheriff’s Department, and all volunteer Fire and the EMS service. They handle approximately 100,000 calls for service each year
    including 911, non emergency and outbound calls with 5 dispatch positions and 1 supervisor on duty 24/7/365.


    Warren County 911 replaces an antiquated CAD system previously sold by ATT from Positron systems based in Canada. “The Positron CAD was eventually bought out by another CAD company so we were facing costly upgrades, all new hardware, with whatever system we decided to select. We needed to find a solution that we felt would do the job and offer us stability,” said Shane Garrand Assistant Director of Operations. “Our Positron Windows system was always crashing when you needed it the most,” he said.


    Garrand went on to say, “We looked at several systems and it actually came down to two or three. The reality of the situation is that we were faced with two options: upgrade our current system, or go with a brand new state of the art CAD system. We liked most of what we saw. Each system we looked at had its own merits, but some were just too expensive others were very cumbersome to navigate we felt. We felt with our home work done that we had a good group of vendors and anyone we picked would do the job well.”


    “It came down to two or three vendors so we knew about ADSi’s ( reputation with the Vicksburg Police department and how they had been their long term RMS vendor for more than twenty years. We knew ADSi is also based in Mississippi and they develop their software and support us right here in the USA,” he said.


    “Prior to the RFP coming out from purchasing we were invited to attend the ADSi user’s group meeting. We wanted to go and find out from their existing users what their experiences had been and it seemed each city we
    spoke to over and over said if ADSi made a promise they kept that promise. If they stated a date of completion they stuck to that date. If they were selected they would manage the project and make sure it came in on time and on budget. No matter the size or the scope of the project,” he continued.


    Garrand further stated, “During RFP’s we had to keep everything fair for all vendors to participate but when we reviewed pricing and functionality ADSi was right on the mark on their price and commitment. It was an easy decision that was presented to the 911 board and met with their approval. Once they approved the purchase, the board of supervisors offered the final approval. ADSi also offered us subscription pricing so there was no large out of pocket expense, but a low monthly payment that fit our budget and allowed us to more with our overall budget.”


    He concluded by saying, “So far we know we have made the right decision for the center and making sure we are good stewards of the tax dollars we are entrusted with and finally what works for the person on the end of the phone who is calling 911. That is the most important thing in the world to us, serving the public often times they are calling on the worst day of their lives. We know we will be able to more effectively serve them getting resources to them in their time of crisis.”


    Warren County 911 is a consolidated 911 center located in Vicksburg, Mississippi 234 miles north of New Orleans and 35 miles West of Jackson, Mississippi, which is the state capitol. With a population of 50,000 residents the area has four riverboat casinos located on the Mississippi, River. The city is also located on Interstate 20, which stretches from Atlanta, Georgia to Dallas, Texas.


    ADSi ( was founded in 1981 to exclusively serve the Public Safety industry. Currently, ADSi serves over 100 sites across the nation with CAD, RMS, and mobile software. To learn more about ADSi please visit our web site at, or find us on Facebook (, or Twitter (

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  • Monday, August 25th

  • Limestone County Press Release
  • (Athens, AL) - The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), recently deployed the second phase of a three-phase information technology project that has been under development for the last several years in cooperation with Application Data Systems, inc. (ADSi) of Southaven, MS. The most recent phase was a Computer Aided Dispatch system, ADSi’s CADForce4G, which has been tailored specifically for Limestone County. It will also share data across the same platform with the ADSi Jail Management System, implemented last year, and the ADSi Records Management System that will be deployed in the near future.

    “Our new ADSi CAD system will replace numerous pen-and-paper duties my dispatchers have routinely conducted through the years, with an electronic command and control system they will constantly monitor real-time. I am proud to see the increase in efficiency with an organized reduction of effort. We are getting the right help to the right place as quickly as possible and saving all critical data for future retrieval. This process has had an immediate and positive effect on the safety of my officers in the field.”

                                  ~ Sheriff Mike Blakely

    According to Paul Cain, LCSO IT Director, CADForce4G is very user friendly and the training conducted by ADSi has resulted in a seamless transition for LCSO employees and data systems alike. He said that the features of the systems will enhance the mission of the LCSO and will increase efficiency for dispatchers and deputies alike. The result will be getting the right help to the right place in the quickest time for all our citizens, and saving all the relevant data in the process.

    “This software is particularly suited for a sheriff’s office and its unique responsibilities to the public. And I am as impressed with the ADSi Staff that conducted our training and implementation as I am with the software. Our communication staff described the software as ‘very user friendly and easy to follow as you learn’. We have immediately experienced an increase in efficiency, an increase in safety for officers and a better response for our citizens. This has been accomplished without one instance of resistance-to-change complaints.” 

                             ~ Paul Cain, IT Director

    ADSi indicated that the company shared in the excitement of Sheriff Blakely and his LCSO team. ADSi CEO Joel House offered the following comment about working with the LCSO:


    “We are proud the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office went live with CADForce4G as we add another module to their system. We look forward to going online with their next phase of Records Management by the end of the year. Sheriff Blakely has helped us in development by sharing the specific needs of today’s sheriff’s office and the unique responsibilities they face every day. By incorporating those needs we believe we have developed the most thorough software product on the market today for sheriffs across this Country.”

         ~ Joel House, CEO, ADSi Public Safety Software


    Application Data Systems, inc. has specialized in public safety software development for Police, Sheriff, Fire, EMS, and Military agencies since 1981, under the same name and ownership. Their expertise and experience have been making neighborhoods safer for more than 30 years, with ADSi software deployed all over the country, and at all levels of government (city, county, state, federal, and the U.S. Military).


    For more information about ADSi Public Safety Software, and to talk about a free software demonstration, call (662) 393-2046 or send an email to